The beginning

photo (28) The switch that started it all.

This is the light switch that Brian first installed for me in the bedroom to replace the old BROWN switch that had been painted 153 times since 1928.

Is it weird to get sentimental about a light switch?

Epilogue: this light switch now lives in the bathroom, where it traded places with the dimmer switch. But I don’t love you any less, light switch.


Moving fast

grounded outlets

Would you believe that within two weeks of meeting Brian, I had him doing some electrical work on my house? Yeah, I’m that kind of girl. Fast. In a month of dating, Brian has:

  • installed a new light switch in the bedroom
  • grounded an outlet in the living room
  • installed a new light FIXTURE in the bedroom
  • swapped out the new light switch in the bedroom for the dimmer switch in the bathroom

Also in that time, we’ve survived a trip to IKEA, two bouts of the flu (one for him, one for me), at least 100 frames of bowling, a 14-hour (round trip) road trip, a wedding (not ours), one adult foster dog and two foster puppies.